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1.16 Release


AccessorySmart 1.16 release included changes to support CDK integration sales and internal AccessorySmart account provisioning.

Important Highlights from this Release

  1. New SKU and price for CDK Lightspeed integration: ACDMSICDK00000, $75/mo.
  2. Integration back on sign up page.
  3. Updates to integration wizard.
  4. Updates to user guides, as well as welcome, receipt, and authorization emails.
  5. Update to allow ARI users to add AccessorySmart Suppliers in Super Admin.


  • Relocate User Guide to ACSM domain.
  • Add Lightspeed integration back to sign up page.
  • Update DMS integration wizard steps.
  • Upload customer guides and provide links.
  • Allow ARI users to add Suppliers in Super Admin.
  • Update welcome email in Super Admin.
  • Require PU auth number & send email when adding to existing.
  • Remove knowledge base link on Support page.
  • Update CDK integration SKU.
  • Update PDF guides.
  • Update sign up page welcome email.
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