FootSteps Shutdown FAQ

FootSteps™ Shutdown Frequently Asked Questions

Why was FootSteps retired?

The decision to retire the FootSteps platform was driven by shifts in technology, a change in focus and ongoing investment requirements. Product longevity is part of our commitment to quality, reliability and outstanding support of your business, but in some cases, product retirement is necessary.

What do I do now?

There is no direct replacement for FootSteps within ARI’s current product portfolio. To ensure a smooth transition of your lead management process, we recommend that you consider alternative vendor solutions and complete migration immediately. If you’d like to work with one of our recommended partners, please contact our Support Team at 800-558-9044 or

How do I avoid losing new lead data?

In order to avoid losing new leads, you will need to notify your lead provider (e.g. your website, third-party lead portal, manufacturer) to switch your lead delivery endpoint to your new lead management system. Please note that leads submitted to FootSteps are no longer received or processed and cannot be recovered. 

What about all my historical lead data?

We have extended the period for requesting your lead data. For the month of June only, your historical lead data can be provided to you upon request. To request a lead data export, please contact our Support Team at 800-558-9044 or Once this period is over, we will not be able to fulfill any requests for exporting your lead data.

Can my email be forwarded to another address?

Unfortunately, no. FootSteps and its supporting services have been retired. This includes the application and email service.

What about my website/PartSmart/other product subscription?

This change does not affect any other ARI products. Your other subscription will remain active under contracted terms for that product.