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Thank you for purchasing AccessorySmart™… your integrated aftermarket parts, garments, and accessories lookup tool. Our application will provide you with a one-stop resource for looking up products, fitment information, and availability from all leading suppliers in one convenient place, providing you with up to 80% time savings in looking up products. Best of all, AccessorySmart™ offers smartphone and tablet capabilities compatible with all current devices with no install required! We’re excited to be your partner in this opportunity!

AccessorySmart™ helps dealers sell more stuff by giving parts counter personnel a one-stop resource for looking up products, cost, and availability from all suppliers in one place – saving up to $20,000 in labor costs yearly. AccessorySmart™ dramatically lowers labor cost in the parts and accessory departments of a dealership by eliminating the need to search print catalogs. AccessorySmart™ helps dealers save time and work more efficiently by looking up items across all distributors instantly, while additionally being able to review inventory levels and cost both in-store and at each distributor in one integrated application. This integrated workflow helps eliminate wasted time looking up aftermarket products and availability by 80%! AccessorySmart™ includes vehicle fitment, product SKUs, description, specifications, images, and attribute information in an easy to use online interface. Dealers can build, save, print, email, and even export customer picklists intuitively and conveniently in the application.

Traditionally all aftermarket product searches require a labor intensive process of looking up parts manually across numerous print catalogs and additional online searches for availability. AccessorySmart™ was developed to reduce the effort required to research these products, leveraging ARI’s extensive products database and data conversion capabilities.

AccessorySmart™ facilitates the identification of parts via a quick search, unit fitment search, category navigation, or distributor navigation. Desired parts can be easily added and managed via a convenient picklist within the application. Picklists can be saved, emailed, printed, or exported to a business management system to simplify the order process. ARI offers two editions of AccessorySmart™ – Professional and Essentials.

  • AccessorySmart Professional™ provides the most robust lookup experience, including the ability to view original print catalog PDFs electronically, a dedicated mobile/tablet experience, and extended picklist management functionality including the ability to save and email picklists. This package comes with unlimited users and includes the major aftermarket distributors.
  • AccessorySmart Essentials™ includes the key features a dealership needs to develop a more efficient PG&A lookup experience – without all the extras other higher priced solutions carry. Additional catalogs desired beyond the one included in the base package may be purchased a la carte. This easy-to-use edition of AccessorySmart™ allows dealers to start with the essentials.


Please note: Suppliers, products, or features mentioned and pictured in this guide may not be available in your country or included in your subscription.



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