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How can I access the application if I forget my password?
If you forget your password, navigate to the login screen and click “Forget Password?” You will then be able to enter your login email address and have a password reset link emailed to you. Click the link provided in the password reset email to be taken to a form where you may enter a new desired password and proceed to log into the application with your updated credentials.

How do I add an item to the picklist from the Product Detail page?
To add an item to the picklist, you must first select from any options or fitment options presented on the detail page. After selecting from the available options, you must also click on the preferred supplier source (color-coded buttons). After selecting the options and supplier you may click to add the item to an active picklist.

Why do I get a message that I am already logged in when trying to log into AccessorySmart™?
A single user may only be actively logged in and using the application at one time. This message is displayed if your user is already logged into the application on another computer or browser. An option to override the existing option is presented which will allow you to continue logging in, which will automatically log out the other user using your same login.

How do I integrate my Business Management System with AccessorySmart™?
Business System Integration is only available with CDK Lightspeed NXT and EVO at this time, though we will be expanding the integration options in the coming future. To integrate with CDK Lightspeed, contact our Sales team at (800) 755-6040.

Where does the supplier cost and inventory data come from and how often is it updated?
The supplier cost and availability data within the application is updated one time per day, via a nightly update process.

What if I have a special purchasing cost? What cost is displayed in the application?
AccessorySmart™ includes the baseline MSRP and cost information for all suppliers. The cost levels displayed in the application are the standard cost. If you have special purchasing costs due to dealership status, those cost levels will not be displayed within the application.

What Distributor information is passed to my Business Management System when I select the Store source and export a picklist?
You may select your preferred distributor in the AccessorySmart™ administration panel on the DMS settings page. When you select the store source and export items to your Business Management System, the preferred distributor you selected in the administration panel will be used.

Why do I get a message that no products are found when searching within AccessorySmart™?
The most common reason for seeing the no products found message is when a fitment remains actively applied in the application and performing a search or viewing a category with no associated fitments. To clear an active fitment and view all available items, click the Clear button in the fitment panel, located above the product results in the application. Also, ensure that you are not searching for items that fit a unit within the wrong Activity page.

How is AccessorySmart billed?
Dealers Credit Cards will automatically be charged each month.

If a dealer wishes to cancel the software how is this handled?
Contact our Sales team at (800) 755-6040.

If a dealer wants to shut off catalogs how can that be done?
Contact our Sales team at (800) 755-6040.

If a dealer wants to switch packages how can that get accomplished?
Contact our Sales team at (800) 755-6040.

If a dealer has two stores can they run them both on one AccessorySmart license?
No. The contract states that it is for one physical location. Dealers can simply purchase another instance of AccessorySmart.


Please note: Suppliers, products, or features mentioned and pictured in this guide may not be available in your country or included in your subscription.

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