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AccessorySmart: Overview

AccessorySmart gives your parts counter team a one-stop solution to look up products, cost and availability for PG&A from leading suppliers. It decreases lookup time by more than 80% and gives your parts team access to more than 500,000 SKUs from more than 1,400 manufacturers.


AccessorySmart: Key Features

Learn about the key features and capabilities of AccessorySmart. This includes how to look up availability and price of a part, a walkthrough of the part details displayed on the product page, and how to build and save an order.


AccessorySmart: Knowledge Base Tools

AccessorySmart can be used as a tool to share knowledge among all users within the dealership. Your most knowledgeable user can capture important installation and reference information to be shared with other staff for future reference.


AccessorySmart: Order Management

AccessorySmart allows you to easily create, save, export and share picklists. Build and manage invoices and orders for customers or your shop personnel. Quickly find and manage all desired parts without having to write down part numbers or jump to another application.

AccessorySmart: Finding Part Price, Fitment & Availability

With AccessorySmart, searching is easy and you can quickly drill down to find for the part, garment or accessory you or your customers are looking for. You can use keywords or part numbers in the search bar, directly input the vehicle fitment in the fitment bar, or browse by category, supplier or brand.

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