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1.24 Release

The AccessorySmart team has been working hard to add improvements. We have released version 1.24 during the maintenance window on April 12, 2022.

Supplier updates

We have added nightly routines to update MSRP and dealer cost, part status, and warehouse quantities for more of your suppliers: Castle, Fox, O’Neal.
Castle Fox O'Neal

AccessorySmart picklist improvements

✓ Part Number Display

Users printing or emailing a picklist can choose to quickly hide part numbers (distributor and manufacturer) before printing or emailing a picklist to a customer.
>> See Picklist Actions section for more details about picklist functionality.Display part numbers✓ Picklist Activity Log

The log tracks distribution of picklists when printing or emailing a picklist to a customer. The log includes the following details, if applicable and configured: timestamp, method of distribution, customer email, user, picklist name, customer name, and notes. The Picklist Activity Log is accessible to Admin users only.
>> To view the Picklist Activity Log, navigate to Settings > Picklist > Activity Log.Picklist Activity

Important Note
Since AccessorySmart is a web-based application, there is always the possibility that a recently applied update will not be immediately recognized by your web browser due to the caching of frequently viewed websites by web browsers. If you experience any irregularities using the application after this update, try reloading the website and your cache by pressing the following keys at the same time: Control + F5.

You may also manually clear your browser cache by following the instructions provided at the following URL for your web browser: http://www.wikihow.com/Clear-Your-Browser%27s-Cache


Please note: Suppliers, products, or features mentioned and pictured in this guide may not be available in your country, included in your subscription, or available at your user level.

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