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Dashboard features and functionality

The Data Assist dashboard will help you manage all your data issues submitted by your dealer network.

Issue status

All new issues will be displayed in the Reported Issues section. Each issue line item has an option to assign a status to it, In-Progress or Closed. DMRT will display a notification icon which displayed how many issues are marked as Reported Issues.

Once an issue has been marked as Closed, the issue will now display as Closed under the reporters “View Issues” section in the Report an Issue panel.

Filtering and Sorting

The module dashboard and DMRT view, contain sorting and filtering features. Issues can be sorted by Data Reported, Issue Type and Assigned To. Issues can also be filtered by their Catalog Name, or the name of where the issue was reported from.

Exporting Issues

In addition to filtering and or sorting, you will be able to export all issues by their status. The issues will be exported into a CSV file that will download automatically.

Module Dashboard

DMRT Data Assist View

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