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IMPORTANT NOTICE: FootSteps Classic Is Shutting Down On 02/27/21

Farewell to FootSteps Classic

FootSteps™ Classic Will Shut Down on February 27, 2021

We are committed to providing a secure environment for our FootSteps customers and as such, a decision has been made to retire FootSteps™ Classic on February 27, 2021. This will prevent any potential security vulnerabilities in FootSteps Classic and keep the FootSteps product safe for your use.

Prior to the shutdown date, users of FootSteps Classic must transfer operations to the latest version, FootSteps 3.0, to continue using the FootSteps product without interruption.

FootSteps Classic users already have access to FootSteps 3.0, which will remain in operation until the product is retired on June 01, 2021. You can continue to use your existing credentials and the same website (e.g. to access FootSteps 3.0. The same customer and lead data is accessible in both versions of FootSteps.

If you don’t have access to FootSteps 3.0, please contact our Support Team at 800-558-9044 or

Please review the following information for answers to frequently asked questions, suggested next steps and key dates regarding the FootSteps shutdown.

Which version of FootSteps am I using?
Please refer to our online FAQ article for a walkthrough to find out which version of FootSteps you are using.

What do I do when FootSteps retires?
There is no direct replacement for FootSteps within ARI’s current product portfolio. To ensure a smooth transition of your lead management process, we recommend that you consider alternative vendor solutions and begin migration plans as soon as possible. If you’d like to work with one of our recommended partners, please contact our Support Team at 800-558-9044 or

What about all my lead data?
Your historical lead data can be provided to you upon request. To request a lead data export, please contact our Support Team at 800-558-9044 or After the shutdown date of June 01, 2021, we will not be able to fulfill any requests for exporting your lead data.

What else should I know about the FootSteps shutdown?
ARI is committed to providing the highest level of customer care while you determine your future strategy. Please read below for our timeline and support options available to you.

Key Dates

FootSteps Classic Shutdown Date: February 27, 2021

End of Support for FootSteps 3.0: February 27, 2021

FootSteps 3.0 Shutdown Date: June 01, 2021


Beginning February 27, 2021, we will not be releasing any updates to FootSteps 3.0 or providing customer or technical support. We strongly urge you to complete your migration plans before this date. However, if you choose, you may continue to access FootSteps 3.0 without support after February 27th at no charge, until the final shutdown date of June 01, 2021.

This change does not affect any other ARI products. Please forward this FootSteps Notice to the proper contacts within your organization.

For other questions and information, please refer to our online FAQ article.

Please do not hesitate to contact ARI with any questions or concerns at 800-558-9044 or


ARI & The FootSteps Team