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IMPORTANT NOTICE: FootSteps Is Shutting Down On 06/01/21

All Good Things Must Come To An End

All Good Things Must Come to an End

At ARI, we are committed to offering innovative solutions to provide customers with industry-leading tools that drive their business and sell more inventory. We make every effort to maintain and evolve our products to exceed our customers’ needs and expectations.

After more than 18 years of serving our dealers’ and OEMs’ lead management needs, ARI has made the decision to retire FootSteps™. This communication serves as official notice, and more importantly, it is intended to advise you of customer care available to you during this time of transition.

The decision to retire FootSteps was driven by shifts in technology, a change in focus and ongoing investment requirements. Product longevity is part of our commitment to quality, reliability and outstanding support of your business, but in some cases, product retirement is necessary.

Additionally, our responsibility to provide a secure environment for our customers impelled us to an early retirement of the legacy version of the platform, FootSteps Classic. This will prevent any potential security vulnerabilities in FootSteps Classic and keep the latest version, FootSteps 3.0, safe for your use until its shutdown.

There is no direct replacement for FootSteps within ARI’s current product portfolio. To ensure a smooth transition of your lead management process, we recommend that you consider alternative vendor solutions and begin migration plans as soon as possible. If you’d like to work with one of our recommended partners, please contact our Support Team at 800-558-9044 or

ARI is committed to providing the highest level of customer care while you determine your future strategy. Please read below for our timeline and support options available to you.

Key Dates

FootSteps Classic Shutdown Date: February 27, 2021

End of Support for FootSteps 3.0: February 27, 2021

FootSteps 3.0 Shutdown Date: June 01, 2021


As of February 27, 2021, FootSteps Classic has been retired and we will no longer support FootSteps 3.0. After this date, we will not be releasing any updates to FootSteps 3.0 or providing customer or technical support. We strongly urge you to complete migration to your replacement lead management system as soon as possible. However, if you choose, you may continue to access FootSteps 3.0 without support after February 27th at no charge, until the shutdown date of June 01, 2021.

On June 01, 2021, FootSteps will be shut down and your account and data will no longer be accessible.

Your historical lead data can be provided to you upon request. To request a lead data export, receive further details or to end your FootSteps subscription before the shutdown date, please contact our Support Team at 800-558-9044 or After the shutdown date, we will not be able to fulfill any requests for exporting your lead data.

This change does not affect any other ARI products. Please forward this FootSteps Notice to the proper contacts within your organization.

For other questions and information, please refer to our online FAQ article.

Please do not hesitate to contact ARI with any questions or concerns.


ARI & The FootSteps Team