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Importing users to Create a Manual Audience

When creating an Audience using the Import process, you are creating a manual audience by selecting the users/dealers from your dealer network. This type of Audience is beneficial when you want to hand pick who makes up your audience group.

For example, if you want to send out a campaign to your top dealers in your network, and they are scattered across the US, a dynamic audience may not be the best choice. In the other hand, creating a Manual Audience will give you the ability to search for those dealers and group them together as an Audience group.

Steps to import users to create a Manual Audience:

  1. Log into the Marketing Module and click on the Audiences link in the top right corner.
  2. Click on the Create New Audience button.
  3. Click on the Import option.
  4. Click on the Template download link. The template will be downloaded to your computer.
  5. The template sheet has two different columns that can be used to input user’s information
    1. You can use either username or an email for each user
    2. Save your work in the template
  6. In the module, click on the import file button and select your save template.
  7. Once imported, give a name to  your audience and Click Save to save your new audience.
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