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Managing Your Campaigns

The Campaigns page will give you the ability to create and manage campaigns. Creating the correct Audience group is just as important as the campaign that your target audience will see.

You can access the Campaigns page by logging into the Marketing Module and selecting the Campaigns link in the top right corner. Once in the Campaigns page, you will see a list of existing Campaigns and the different options you have to manage them.

Creating a Campaign

You can create different types of campaigns using Engage, General Communication Campaign, Website Campaign, and Part Sale Campaign.

Managing your Campaigns

All of the existing campaigns will be listed in the Campaigns table. You will see the campaign name, campaign start and end date, user and dealer count that will see this campaign, stats on the progress of the campaign and management actions you can take on the campaign.

Available actions to manage your campaigns:

  1. Set to Draft – setting a campaign to draft after it has been published will remove the campaign from the field. You can use this option when you need to make changes in the campaign and be able to publish them out using the same campaign. When you set a campaign to a draft status, the circle next to the campaign name will be greyed out letting you know its not in production.
  2. Publish – publishing a campaign will send your campaign out to your dealer network. If you have a start and end date, the campaign will be in queue until the start date is met, and automatically get sent out to your dealer network on that start date. When a campaign is published, the small circle next to the campaign name will be bold and highlighted.
  3. Duplicate –  Duplicating a campaign gives you the option to recreate a campaign with all the same details. The campaign will be set to draft so that you can go in and make any necessary changes before publishing.
  4. Archive – Archiving a campaign gives you the option to save the campaign content and all its stats. Click on the Archive Campaigns page to learn more about Archived campaigns and managing them.
  5. Delete – Deleting a campaign will remove that campaign from your campaigns list and all its associated data. It is recommended that you delete only when you know you will not need any of the campaign data or stats.

Archived Campaigns

You can archive any existing campaign by using the Archive action button, as listed above. Visit Archived Campaigns page to manage your archived campaigns.



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