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Creating a Website Campaign

Steps to create a Website Campaign:

  1. Access the Marketing Module by logging into PartSmart Connect: https://www.partsmartconnect.com/
  2. Click on the Campaigns link on the top right corner.
  3. Click on the Create New Campaign button.
  4. The Campaign Builder page will have two sections, Campaign info, and Campaign Content.
  5. Campaign Info:
    1. Campaign Name – unique name for the campaign for internal use.
    2. Audience – select the Audience that you want to have access to the Campaign. Only saved Audiences will show in this list.
    3. Start Date – set the start date for the Campaign. You can also set a start time for the Campaign.
    4. End Date – set the date that the Campaign will end on. You can also set a time for the Campaign to end.
  6. Campaign Content:
    1. Title – enter a title for the Campaign, this is a required field.
    2. Subtitle – give the Campaigns a subtitle if desired.
    3. Image – drag and drop an image into the campaign or click in the image selection area to browse for an image on your computer.
    4. Content – This is the body of the marketing campaign.
      Caveat – Current limitation for content is a max of 2000 characters. The amount will be increased in the future so that you do not feel restricted by a character limit. The ability to format the text will be introduced in MVP 3.
    5. Add a Call to Action Link – click on this button to add a web address. Be sure to include the full URL.
  7. The Campaign Preview will populate as you enter the campaign content, providing you a preview of the campaign.
  8. Save Draft or Publish
    1. By clicking on the Save Draft button, the Campaign will only be saved and not published to users.
    2. By clicking on the Publish button, the Campaign will be published to the assigned Audiences in PartSmart within the start and end dates.

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