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New Zoom Feature

Based on customer feedback, we have created a new full diagram Pan & Zoom option for viewing diagrams. This new zoom function allows you to:

  • Use your mouse scroll wheel or the zoom buttons located in the upper left corner of the diagram to zoom in or out of the entire diagram.
  • Click and drag to move the diagram around.

Using the Pan & Zoom Feature

The full diagram image, note the zoom controls in the upper left corner of the diagram.


Zoomed in with new Pan & Zoom feature:

Configuring the Pan & Zoom Option

1. Click the User Settings icon in the lower right corner of the screen.
2. Click the User Settings menu.

3.  Scroll down to the Default Diagram Zoom setting and select Pan & Zoom.  Click to save the configuration.

4.  After clicking Save, click the refresh button on the browser to activate the Pan & Zoom controls.

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