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Data Settings

The Data Settings tab contains additional options for managing Parts and Serial/VIN data.

The additional settings for Parts, allows special characters such as dashes and periods to be considered as characters of a part number. Turning this feature on would allow Data Manager RT to store a part number that contains a dash or period and make it distinct from another part with similar part numbers with no dashes or periods. For example, if you do not check the Dashes checkbox as an Allowed Special Character and you create a part number of 123-4 and a part number of 1234, DMRT would not allow one of the part numbers to be created because the system would recognize them as the same part number. If in the other hand, you check the Dashes checkbox, and want to create 1234 and 123-4, then the system would allow both part numbers and consider them to be two separate items. This behavior is the same for both the Dashes and Periods settings.

In addition to the Part settings, users will be able to set Serial/VIN settings in this page as well. A user can turn the Serial/VIN feature on by entering the Serial page and clicking on the Enable Serial/VIN data checkbox that is displayed. Once the Serial/VIN feature is enabled, a Serial/VIN tab will be available for all models at the model level in the hierarchy page. Users will also be able to set the Serial Prefix Character Count and or the Character Minimum for Searching settings.

The Serial Prefix Character Count sets the minimum amount of characters needed when entering a Serial/VIN number in the Serial Prefix field for the Single, Open Range and the Closed Range serial values. This is an optional setting, and if left blank allowing Prefixes of varying lengths. This setting must be configured before any Serial/VIN data is entered or imported in; so that there are no Serial/VIN data entries in the system that do not meet the minimum character count requirements.

The Character Minimum for Searching sets the minimum amount of characters needed when a user is searching Serial/VIN data in the viewer. When this setting is configured, PartSmart will read this value and enforce it as a minimum amount of characters needed to search Serial/VIN data in that catalog.

Managing and or entering Serial/VIN data for a model is explained in the Working with Models section of this manual, please refer to that section for more information.

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