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Parts – BOM Import

The Parts – BOM Import is designed to import the bill of materials associated with images. These would consist of reference numbers, part numbers, part descriptions, context notes and quantity used. The description imported here will be disregarded if the part number is already in the global parts list. If a new part number is imported, the description will be brought in.

The format of the import file will be something like the example in the table shown below:

IPL Name IPL Unique tag Reference # Part Number Part Description Context Note Quantity used
Carburetor 105320002 1 00062-02DDU BEARING   1
Carburetor 105320002 2 00062-05DDU BEARING USE 02006-06205 New style bearing. 1
Carburetor 105320002 3 00100-04180 SCREW   1
Carburetor 105320002 4 00100-04250 SCREW   1
Carburetor 105320002 5 00100-05160 SCREW   1

In the table above, five parts would be imported and assigned to an IPL with the IPL name Carburetor and a unique tag of 105320002. There might be hundreds of IPLs with the name Carburetor, but there would only be one with that name AND unique tag. An import file may contain parts for dozens of IPLs – each part line would indicate the specific IPL to which that part is to be attached.

The order of the columns is not critical, nor are the actual names of the header items. When importing a file for the first time, the Import Wizard will prompt you to indicate which columns are which. So, your name for the “IPL Name” column will need to reflect the name of any IPLs you want to assign parts to.

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