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ARI released version of Data Manager RT during the maintenance window on January 24, 2019 containing minor hot fix release primary improvements:

Multiple bug fixes to address customer reported issues.

Performance improvements (introduced earlier through config change) for part and hierarchy search response times.

Group parts functionality introduced to accommodate legacy customers that need it.

Bug Fixes

  • Dialog box closes when clicking outside of the box.
  • Model link search results are not displaying correctly.
  • Fast Moving and Min Order Quantity data not importing in Parts-Base.
  • On the serial edit/add page, serial prefix appears to be required.
  • Cleanup | Duplicate images in the Images With Unconfirmed Hotspots report.
  • Standardize UUID generation and assignment for Bulk Imports.
  • Serial/VIN import should treat alphanum character length setting as exact match.
  • Serial/VIN search should only show Distinct model results.
  • Literature import create duplicate reference to the same file when import are re-ran.
  • Exclude Internal Attributes from item custom_data when packaging.
  • Add cache invalidation to media handler.
  • Scroll anchor is triggered in search results and also when clicking on the locate action.
  • Adding a URL as literature is not triggering a workflow change to draft.
  • History tab displays blank section.
  • Unable to save new SVG image.
  • Retry of publish to Production does not continue beyond failed step.
  • IPL name with length 255 not displayed correctly.
  • IPL of linked model contains Where Used link next to Back button.
  • IPL tab disappears when the model is linked in another location.


  • During Publish actions the loading or working icon will not display a complete publish.
  • “Where Used” export for Hierarchy items.
  • Display full name in the breadcrumbs.
  • Provide a means of grouping parts on an IPL parts list to denote a sub-assembly.
  • Add some pixels in between action buttons in the IPL list for a model.

New Features

  • Add Where Used to “linkable” hierarchy items.


  • Remove dependence on Convergence name from DM Distribution Info Settings.
  • Using the Refresh Description on the IPL parts grid loses the Context Note.
  • Upgrade Media Handler to handle Major Unit Images.
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