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1.1.14 Release


ARI released version 1.1.14 of Data Manager RT during the maintenance window on November 30, 2017 and addressed a range of improvements, internal and external fixes.

Important Highlights from this Release

  1. Users will now have the ability to view images as a list and be able to sort the list
  2. Users will now have the ability to create two identical part numbers and make them unique by introducing a special character
  3. Users will now have the ability to export “Where Used” results for Parts and IPLs
  4. Users will now have the ability to add attributes to the SVG BOM import
  5. Improved “Where Used” counts for diagrams throughout the application
  6. Improved Clean-Up page part number display
  7. Improved locate button stability
  8. Improved image import stability

New Features

  • Need translations for Clean up page (and other new content in 1.1.2)


  • IPL Count on the IPL is inconsistent with the ipl count in the Edit IPL modal.
  • Add model Link appears to be broken.
  • Literature Import needs Display Name added.
  • The BOM import needs to remove an EF choke point to handle large data sets.
  • The Hierarchy Import needs to remove EF choke points to handle large data sets.
  • The Hierarchy service needs to be cleaned up so that best practices and be followed in Angular code.
  • Add the ability to add attributes to the SVG BOM import.
  • Managed parts can have dashes and special characters but then doesn’t end up in the database with it’s own unique entity.

Bug Fixes

  • Model (in Publish state) attached to model in Draft should NOT cause the Draft model to Publish.
  • Create Attribute Bug on newly created DBs.
  • Save button error after ARI part number auto-generation is created.
  • Adding chapters as a link to a DV need to match Add Chapters show-hide logic.
  • Part numbers in cleanup page are not displaying correctly.
  • PSCD Publish: Fix files count and size.
  • BOM Import created part child relation to root node.
  • When more than one item can be added as a link it breaks the tree menu.
  • Find out why the import error modal is appearing on a hierarchy search.
  • The locate buttons seem to be unstable.
  • The handsontable is at time displaying system.object after an SVG import.
  • Image import has a few bugs.
  • The base parts import has a problem with the custom data JSON object.
  • When adding a URL with a specific name and it already exists it will not use the new name.
  • Extend PSCD Publish job removal/expiration from success list.
  • Locate from Literature Search messes up the Catalog Details Display.
  • The image where used list needs to display all locations used.
  • When an Image is updated on an IPL it should only change the current model to Draft.
  • Editing and saving a custom attribute with translations loses those translations.
  • DM Add part fails due to missing custom attribute translations.

Cap Tasks

  • Create a report that shows images that have been uploaded and/or replaced.
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