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1.1.14 Release


Data Manager RT 1.1.14 release will address a range of improvements, internal and external fixes.

Important Highlights from this Release

  1. Per Briggs: Users will now have the ability to view images as a list and be able to sort the list
  2. Per Briggs: Users will now have the ability to create two identical part numbers and make them unique by introducing a special character
  3. Per Briggs: Users will now have the ability to export “Where Used” results for Parts and IPLs
  4. Per MTD: Users will now have the ability to add attributes to the SVG BOM import
  5. Per Briggs: Improved “Where Used” counts for diagrams throughout the application
  6. Per Arctic Cat: Improved Clean-Up page part number display
  7. Improved locate button stability
  8. Improved image import stability

New Features

  • Need translations for Clean up page (and other new content in 1.1.2)


  • IPL Count on the IPL is inconsistent with the ipl count in the Edit IPL modal.
  • Add model Link appears to be broken.
  • Literature Import needs Display Name added.
  • The BOM import needs to remove an EF choke point to handle large data sets.
  • The Hierarchy Import needs to remove EF choke points to handle large data sets.
  • The Hierarchy service needs to be cleaned up so that best practices and be followed in Angular code.
  • Add the ability to add attributes to the SVG BOM import.
  • Managed parts can have dashes and special characters but then doesn’t end up in the database with it’s own unique entity.

Bug Fixes

  • Model (in Publish state) attached to model in Draft should NOT cause the Draft model to Publish.
  • Create Attribute Bug on newly created DBs.
  • Save button error after ARI part number auto-generation is created.
  • Adding chapters as a link to a DV need to match Add Chapters show-hide logic.
  • Part numbers in cleanup page are not displaying correctly.
  • PSCD Publish: Fix vol.id files count and size.
  • BOM Import created part child relation to root node.
  • When more than one item can be added as a link it breaks the tree menu.
  • Currently in the ZMC catalog on qa the paste link for a MD under an AT folder is not working.
  • Find out why the import error modal is appearing on a hierarchy search.
  • The locate buttons seem to be unstable.
  • The handsontable is at time displaying system.object after an SVG import.
  • Image import has a few bugs.
  • The base parts import has a problem with the custom data JSON object.
  • When adding a URL with a specific name and it already exists it will not use the new name.
  • Extend PSCD Publish job removal/expiration from success list.
  • Locate from Literature Search messes up the Catalog Details Display.
  • The image where used list needs to display all locations used.
  • When an Image is updated on an IPL it should only change the current model to Draft.
  • Editing and saving a custom attribute with translations loses those translations.
  • DM Add part fails due to missing custom attribute translations.

Cap Tasks

  • Create a report that shows images that have been uploaded and/or replaced.
  • BRG request: Create a method for exporting where used results.
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