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1.1.16 Release


ARI released version 1.1.16 of Data Manager RT during the maintenance window on February 1, 2018 and was geared primarily to import fixes and publishing changes.

Important Highlights from this Release

  1. Corrected a flaw that only allowed the first 100 records to be viewed on the Manage Parts tab when part searches were ordered by recently added or recently viewed.
  2. Publish to PS CD modified to properly place part images in the data used for thumbnails.
  3. Image import improved to better handle images with the same name in different sub-folders.
  4. Base Part import corrected to remove part description over-rides that may have come in during initial migration.

Bug Fixes

  • Part images need to be written to a thumbnails folder inside the PS CD data folder when published through SuperAdmin.
  • Search in the parts management page malfunctioning when filtered by recently changed or recently added.
  • Error message appears when trying save added part numbers within an IPL.
  • BOM Import is failing to import relationship custom data.
  • The base part import is not removing the BOM part description override.
  • Hierarchy search for ipls without images causes out of memory error (on QA ARN1 during regression).
  • A dictionary was breaking due to duplicate key in the Circular Reference Code of the Hierarchy Import.
  • Base Parts Import is failing in updating parts with 0 or null attribute items in the db.
  • Modification of custom key attributes in Catalog Settings cause mixed case custom keys in system.
  • Unneeded Attributes are appearing in Parts Attributes and as a result is interfering with parts update imports.
  • DM Gateway fails to translate.
  • Some files do not properly relate to the item record for the file so that a proper relationship can be established.
  • Image import has an issue with evaluating images for inclusion with a specific record.
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