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Hierarchy Import

The hierarchy import is used to import models, divisions, chapters and IPL names and establish their relationship to one another.

An example is shown below:

Child Name Child Tag Child Display Name Child Type Child Notes Parent name Parent Tag Parent Type
Test IPL 1 1 Illustrated Parts List 1 IP   Test MD 1 1 MD
Test IPL 2 2 Illustrated Parts List 2 IP Test MD 1 1 MD
Test IPL 3 3 Illustrated Parts List 3 IP Test MD 1 1 MD
test IPL 4 4 Illustrated Parts List 4 IP Test MD 1 1 MD
Test MD 1 1 Model 1 MD MD 1 Notes Test DV 1 1 DV

The table above would import a model named Test MD 1 and would attach it to a parent named Test DV 1. The rows above it would import four IPLs (Test IPL 1, Test IPL 2, etc.) and would attach those IPLs to Test MD 1.

Notice how each item is a distinct row in the file, and each item has an indication of what type of hierarchy item it is in a column for parent and child types. Also note that this table contains values for a Display Name that is distinct from the Name. Divisions, Models, IPLs and Chapters may all have a name that can be used in the database for search purposes and uniqueness while having a Display Name that can be different. When no Display Name is provided, the Name is used – both in Data Manager RT and in the viewers.

This sample also shows importing a note that would be attached to Test MD 1. This note would be displayed in the viewers as a Manufacturer Note on the Notes tab when a model was selected.

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