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1.19.2 Release


ARI released version 1.19.2 of Data Manager RT during the maintenance window on June 22, 2023.


  • New Feature – The ability to delete shared IPLs from all models

Clicking delete ()  on an IPL at the model level as shown below:

will cause a prompt to appear giving you the option to perform the normal delete function or remove all the references from all models that IPL is shared on.

If “Remove only from this model” is selected, the IPL will be removed from only that model and will still be available on the other models.

If “Remove all references from all models that this IPL is shared on” is selected, all references to that IPL in every model will be removed. Please keep in mind that this will not change the workflow state of any models it is removed from.


  • Enhancement – When a scheduled publish fails to publish, an icon will appear on your Publish tab as depicted below.
  • Bug – PDF Print TOC IPL Names Blank Resolved
  • Bug – Orphan Models Caused During Import Resolved
  • Bug – Unable to Download PDFs with + symbol in name Resolved


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