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Data Manager RT minor hot fix release primary improvements:

Multiple bug fixes to address customer reported issues.

Removed ability for Customers to make visibility setting changes.

Group parts functionality publishable to PSWeb.

Bug Fixes

  • Hierarchy folders collapse after a copy and paste action is performed
  • Navigation to the next set of search results after clicking to Load results to specific page is navigating user to wrong page
  • Navigation to next Search Button is enabled when there are no results on Part Duplicate descriptions page
  • Model export displays error message
  • Literature import data for file type is not reflected in Model Literature tab
  • publish fail after a new attribute is generated and attribute is filled in
  • Issues on Cross Browser (IE and Firefox)
  • Add next and previous buttons to the IPL view page
  • Create an “Add IPL” option when user clicks on the MD pill icon in the hierarchy tree
  • Hierarchy Export
  • Freeze the actions above the IPL List in the Model Details
  • Grouped parts information needs to be published out to PSW
  • Import part group information through the BOM import
  • Display superseded part numbers


  • Make visibility group settings available only to an ARI Admin.
  • Importing literature URLs only requires a zip file.
  • Serial data is bringing down app.


  • Importing a file containing URLs for MTD fails.
  • MTD republish all fails in PSW publish due to 2 part images imported to a part.
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