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1.24 Release


ARI released version 1.24 of Data Manager RT during the maintenance window on November 2, 2023.


  • Rebranding – We are excited to announce that ARI is joining the Dealer Spike brand.  Moving forward, we will be known as Dealer Spike, but apart from the brand name nothing else about our great customer experience or Data Manager will change.  In the upcoming weeks, you may still see instances of the ARI name as we work to bring the brands together under the Dealer Spike brand.

  • Literature Searching – this area has been updated to show a “List View”, which is located in the top right hand corner of the search area.

  • Custom PDF Module: Fixed improper Chapter and IPL sorting when two or more models that share the same chapter have their IPLs combined.
  • XML Import – Resolved IsInternal flag values not being properly imported.
  • PDF generation stability enhancements (Phase 2)
  • SVG import stability enhancements (Phase 2)
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