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1.1.15 Release


ARI released version 1.1.15 of Data Manager RT during the maintenance window on January 11, 2018 and addressed a range of improvements, internal and external fixes.

Important highlights from this release

  1. Sort order values greater than 999 were being ignored. This has been corrected to allow for numbers as large as 99999
  2. Model aliases will publish to PSWeb as they have in past.
  3. Translation exports will include fields that comprise keys in order to make identifying elements easier for the user
  4. Replacing literature will replace it everywhere when published. It was previously replacing everywhere in DMRT but the publish was not catching all replacements.

Bug Fixes

  • Replace literature will replace it everywhere now in DMRT but when I publish the change does not seem to take effect.
  • Rollback > Model Revision page not loading component
  • Publishing fails when Selection Type Custom Attribute field exists
  • Sort Values over 5000 are not saved through hierarchy import
  • Literature import not working when single language is mapped Data
  • A part number that is greater than 25 characters and not an auto generated number it should be an error record.
  • If an import some how duplicates an attribute the attribute assembler duplicates a dictionary key.
  • Under a high load the part handler service breaks when updating existing part IDs.
  • The manage parts UI allows part numbers to bleed into the description cell.
  • Add the ability to edit auto-gen parts to the manage parts page.
  • Hierarchy Import Chokes on 73K hierarchy records.


  • Translation Exports to include Key Columns.


  • PartBom Import performance fixes in IPL validation.

Cap Tasks

  • Create a tooltip action in clean up page.
  • Publishing change to accommodate alias information.
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