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1.2.2 Release


ARI released version 1.2.2 of Data Manager RT during the maintenance window on November 1, 2018 and was geared primarily to Custom PDF publishing, and extending the functionality of Serial and VIN data.

This release allows for:

Alpha numeric serial values, ranging (both open and closed numeric ranges)

Importing serial values and associating those with models.

Serial groups (allowing for easily creating serial variants).

Serial searching within DMRT.

Custom PDFs allowing for adding logos, images, font control, etc. to match a look and feel specific to the OEM and/or product lines.

Bug Fixes

  • Unable to search for list of IPL with No Image attached.
  • Custom PDF – TOC list is off by one item when double columns are enabled.
  • Distorted UI of Edit Division Window.
  • Deselect Buttons in Selected Attributes for parts are overlapping with Attribute layout.
  • Unable to view model image in PSWeb application.
  • Serial Settings Alpha-numeric character length not working properly.
  • Serial Variant option is not available for Model context menu.
  • Latest ARI Custom template has Input.BookTitle for the title.
  • Preview is jacked up showing the actual preview in a size that is unreadable.
  • Preview does not appear to reflect the actual template.
  • Two Publish tabs.
  • ARI Custom Template is not showing after adding new Template need refresh.
  • Serial Prefix Validation count Validation message mismatch.
  • Preview Pdf is always coming Zoomed out (showing single line).
  • Preview PDF seems static always showing same preview of 29 pages pdf.
  • Manage Parts | Filter for Part Added/Part Changed on Search functioning on logical AND combination rather than OR.
  • PDF preview is still visible even after delete of Template in which file was associated.
  • Manage Parts | Filter for Part Added/Part Changed on Search functioning incorrectly and showing incorrect results.
  • Hierarchy search Locate button does not locate to the exact searched attachment.
  • Download Pdf for default template is failing.
  • Unable to import Serial/VIN details.
  • TOC doesn’t contain model name in Individual PDF contained in the zip folder.
  • Not able to Preview newly added template.
  • Custom PDF | Page numbers are not properly displayed for individual PDFs in Zip folder.
  • Serial/VIN details are not getting saved while copying a model.
  • Unable to click on failed import number in import history for Serial VIN.
  • Existing custom attribute whose values is deleted, shows up with blank value in Hierarchy Search.
  • Include context note to ARI base template for PDF purposes.
  • Custom PDF | Composite model name is displayed on 1st page of the Individual PDF (Zip).
  • Custom PDF | Individual PDF contains model name in TOC.
  • Custom PDF | Special character not truncated in the downloaded PDF.
  • We have to refresh page or press F5 to Delete Models from SG group.
  • Non numeric value in Serial Numeric Value creates blank error dialog.
  • Image Search | Extra row appearing in “Where Used” tab.
  • Serial/VIN | Different warning messages based on browsers.
  • Custom Tab | Unable to view Custom value in the PDF for template AGZ test (4).html
  • Custom PDF | Distorted Part List header for the PDF created for template AGZ test (4).html
  • Custom PDF | Incorrect Timezone displayed in date field.
  • Unable to see jump to hot spot in PSWeb application.
  • Serial/VIN | Save dialog pop up doesn’t appear for changes in IPL under a model which is a part of Serial Group.
  • Search | Unable to search hierarchy for “Publish-Pending” workflow.
  • Literature Import inserts duplicate entries in Literature tab and prevents publish.
  • PDF TOC fails to load IPL names.


  • Change the font for the parts list in the System PDF to be more consistent and more compact.

Cap Tasks

  • Enable or Disable the Custom PDF module.
  • Serial/VIN import for models.
  • Deleting a PDF Template.
  • Custom PDF Management.
  • Downloading a PDF template file.
  • Serial/VIN search to identify a model.
  • Serial Settings Alpha-numeric character length.
  • Editing an IPL for a serial variant will prompt to confirm changes.
  • Create initial PDF custom template.
  • String translations for items in 1.2.2
  • Create specs for tags needed for custom PDFs.
  • Create a data element to include a date field in the PDF file to reflect the creation date.
  • Add Serial Variant to MD hierarchy icon.
  • Update the table on the Serial/VIN tab.
  • Serial Grouping Edit functionality.
  • Update delta packages with serial information.
  • Add the ability to Promote Serial to the MD menu.
  • New PDF area in the application where searching and selecting multiple models could occur.
  • Select PDF options.
  • Supply custom values to be included in PDF.
  • Process the PDFs and Download.
  • Process the PDFs and Download phase 2.
  • Custom PDF publisher role permissions.
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