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Copying IPLs

Models often use IPLs that are exactly the same from one model to another. If a model has 10 IPLs, there may be only one or two that have differences. In this situation, it may be desirable to copy IPLs from a similar model and paste them with a companion model.

To copy an IPL, click on the Copy IPL icon . A message in the upper right corner of the screen will indicate that the IPL has been copied to your clipboard. Navigate to the model where you want to paste the IPL and select the Paste IPL icon  in the upper right area of the IPLs.

The pasted IPL can be a link to the original IPL, in which case making a change to one will change the other. Select Paste as Link if this is desired. It can also be used to create a new IPL with the same content, which will allow for changing one IPL and leaving the other as is. Select Paste as New IPL for this option. You may need to modify the name or display name to create a unique entity. Creating a new name may also help when searching for this IPL in the future.

When editing an IPL used by a model containing serial information, changes to the parts list, the image or the IPL name itself will cause a prompt to be shown asking whether the change should be made everywhere the IPL is used or whether the change should be specific to this model only. Selecting this model only will require that a new IPL name be provided. This will create a new IPL with the changes that have been introduced. This is similar to copying and pasting an IPL as a new item.

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