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ARI released version of Data Manager RT during the maintenance window on August 9, 2018 and was geared primarily to exposing config settings for downstream consumers (like Convergence). This release writes out literature visibility settings.

Reporting was enhanced to include details about what IPL where modified and state changes.

ARI personnel also now have the ability to export a catalog’s content through super admin.

Bug Fixes

  • Need to write literature visibility group information to the database where PartSmart 10 reads that information.
  • Need to provide an option when an image is attached that matches to cancel out rather than replacing with no option.
  • PDF service is displaying an error when a download action is performed.

New Features

  • Create Export functionality for ARI Admins in application.


  • Capability to edit a Selection type attribute.

Cap Tasks

  • Create a report that shows more detail about what models have been changed.
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