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Release contains a combination of Bug and OEM focused enhancements.


  • Users can now import Fast Moving attribute content through the Pricing Import feature.
  • Users can now copy a model from its linked location and paste or move it to another location in the hierarchy.
  • Enhanced the navigation drop downs. Hovering over the drop-down enabled tabs will now open to display the selections.
  • Users can now configure the color of unassigned hot spots.
  • Model attributes in search results will now display in users configured sort order.
  • Users can now delete unattached literature items.

Bug Fixes

  • Custom Attributes are not displayed
  • Cannot “Save” when assigning a visibility to a literature item
  • When models are assigned to Serial Group, their workflow does not change to a draft and then automatically back to publish
  • Import new models with duplicate sort value to a Division already populated with models sorted in ascending order is not sorted properly
  • Adding Literature URL in UI does not validate valid URI format.
  • Model > History tab | Cause column | URL linked not displayed in the cause column
  • Hierarchy Search | Memo not displayed in tool tip
  • Export CSV tool tip not displayed for Images


  • Increase maximum amount of users for the DMRT application
  • Update translated language strings provided by SDL


  • Moving a linked item from its linked location
  • Improve user experience when searching hierarchy
  • Ability to resize modals, attach models hotspot tool modal in particular
  • Improve Hotspot color visibility
  • Attribute search filter to be in same order as shown in search results

Cap Stories

  • Move the import field for Fast Moving to the Price import.
  • Need the ability to delete literature that is no longer wanted.
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