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Model Promotion

Model Promotion is another way of managing a model that may have variants of itself. To create model variants, use the following process, turn the Serial/VIN feature on, and configure the settings if needed Please refer to the Catalog Settings under the Data Settings in this manual for more info on turning on and configuring a catalog for Serial/VIN.

To Promote a model, a user will need to click on the MD Icon next to the model’s name. The dropdown menu will appear, with an option labeled “Promote”. When the user clicks on the Promote option, a window should appear that will instruct the user to input a Grouping Key. The Grouping Key will act as an associating code for the models that will reside in this group. When the user has given this model the grouping key, the model will now be displayed as a child of a Serial Group.

Once the Serial Group has been created, the user can create variants of a model. To create a variant of a model, click on the MD Icon for the model that will be used as the template and select Add Variant from the drop down. When the user clicks on the Add Variant, a window will appear where the user can enter the new model name for the new variant. The new variant will share all the IPLs, initially, from the model it was based on.

The user can go in the new model variant IPLs and make any changes to reflect the differences in the new variant. When editing IPLs used by models containing serial information a new option to indicate whether the change should be global or specific to that model variant will be presented. More detail is available in the Creating and Editing IPLs section.

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