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Parts – Base Import

The Base Import brings in part information to the global parts list. It is intended to populate part information that is used wherever a part is shown in the catalog. Things like Part Number, Description, Notes, Min. Order, Status, Fast Moving, Long Description, Weight UOM, Weight, Dimension UOM, Length, Width and Height will be universal no matter where that part is shown. These will be set with the base language information, so the description on this import would be the description shown if a subsequent language does not contain a description.

The example below shows a sample layout for fields you might import as part of the base. Part number and description are the only mandatory fields. Importing a description will change the description for a part already contained in the data base. Importing parts to an IPL, for example, will not. Data Manager RT will use the description with a part if it does not already exist in the data, but any parts that have descriptions will use the description in the global parts list.

Part Number Description OEM Notes UOM Min. Order Status Fast Moving Long Description
00062-02DDU BEARING     1 Active    
00062-05DDU BEARING USE 02006-06205     1 Active    
00100-04180 SCREW     1 Active    
00100-04250 SCREW     1 Active    
00100-05160 SCREW     1 Active    
  • The OEM Notes and Long Description fields will accept up to 4095 characters.
  • UOM (Unit of Measure) is a free-form text field that will accept up to 50 characters. It is intended for values like Each or As Needed. If left blank, Data Manager will supply a value of Not Specified.
  • Minimum Order is a number field. It will accept whole numbers, as configured by default. If it is left blank, no value is entered.
  • Status will accept values of Active and Inactive to communicate to the end user that parts shown are no longer sold or stocked. Individual dealers may have the part in stock, but from a manufacturer point of view, the part has been retired.

Fast Moving is a True/False field. This field is intended to flag parts that are considered fast moving parts. It can be left blank and a value of False will be specified.

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