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The Serial/VIN import is intended for users who want to import Serial/VIN data into their catalog. To import successfully, the file used to import needs to have all the required elements and data included in it. The file will need the model name and or the unique tag for the model. The System Import Columns will include the Name and possibly the Unique Tag, the Serial/VIN type, Serial/VIN prefix, Serial/VIN Start, and the Serial/VIN End. The Serial/VIN data must be correct for this import to be successful. For example, if a Serial/VIN line item in the import is listed as a closed Serial/VIN type but missing the Serial/VIN Start data, this would cause this line item to error out and will not be imported.

The table below shows a sample layout for the import file. The model must exist in the catalog before importing Serial/VIN data. The imported data needs to meet the requirements set in the Data Settings for Serial/VIN, please refer to the Data Settings section of this manual for further information on the Serial/VIN settings configuration.

Model Name Serial/VIN Type Serial/VIN Prefix Serial/VIN Start Serial/VIN End
Test Model 1 Single 1HD3GKTIK5MD    
Test Model 2 Open PTLSTFG 010001  
Test Model 3 Closed 1METSDGT 020002 030003
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