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Literature Import

The Literature Import is like the Image Import, in that a mapping file and accompanying zip file are used to supply the content.

A sample Literature Import mapping file is shown below:

Path in Zip File or URL Name URL Type Parent Name Parent Unique Tag Part Number
Folder 1\0043.TIF 0043.TIF P Test PN 1
Folder 1\0045.TIF 0045.TIF P Test PN 2
Folder 1\0047.TIF 0047.TIF P Test PN 3
Google P Test PN 8
ARI Net P Test PN 9
0003.PDF 0003.PDF MD Test MD 1 1
0005.PDF 0005.PDF MD Test MD 2 2
0007.PDF 0007.PDF MD Test MD 3 3
0009.PDF 0009.PDF MD Test MD 4 4
0011.PDF 0011.PDF MD Test MD 5 5

As the sample shows, it is possible to attach literature to models or parts. The sample shows attaching PDF files and TIF images, but it is possible to attach spread sheets, text files, Word documents, etc. The limitation will be on the viewer’s side to be able to open whatever files have been attached.

The Path in Zip field will contain path and file name information.

The File or URL Name is intended to allow for a display name string so the end user can see a link that will give them a sense of what the literature document contains.

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