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Parts – Included

The Parts – Included Import is intended to populate the Included Parts table on the Related Parts sub tab on the Manage Parts tab. This content is intended to allow for establishing part to part relationships like kits, where a kit number can have component part numbers established.

The table below shows a sample layout for the import file. The part numbers in both columns must exist in the global parts list.

Part Number Included Part Number Included Part Description
TEST PN 1 TEST013 Description 13
TEST PN 1 TEST014 Description 14
TEST PN 1 TEST015 Description 15
TEST PN 1 TEST016 Description 16
TEST PN 1 TEST017 Description 17
TEST PN 1 TEST018 Description 18
TEST PN 7 TEST019 Description 19
TEST PN 7 TEST020 Description 20


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