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GET call to retrieve the progress for an import which is currently running.



apiKey Required: Secret Code used to authenticate the call and identify the OEM. For more information on generating your secret API Key, please refer to Appendix A, API Key generation.
importID Required: The GUID import ID which was returned from the /api/Process API call.


Sample URL:

Sample JSON request:


“apiKey”: “992dc0e2-b8b0-4f9e-a4cd-19eb9fc19fa8”,

“importID”: “efe01391-f52c-45e9-92e0-952d4d71e573”



Return Codes:

200 If a successful process has begun, the call will return a JSON object with the current processing details, including a flag denoting completion (isCompleted: true/false). See Appendix A, Sample Import Progress JSON return object (/api/Progress) for a sample JSON object returned.
401 Unauthorized. This means the apiKey used does not have access to make these calls.
500 Unexpected error.




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