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Publishing: Status(GET)

GET call to retrieve the status on a current or previous publish.


apiKey Required: Secret Code used to authenticate the call and identify the OEM. For more information on generating your secret API Key, please refer to Appendix A, API Key generation.
publishId The integer publish ID that was returned on the api/Publish call.


Sample URL:


Response codes:

200 If a successful publish has begun, the call will return a JSON object containing the environment of the publish (republish all will be Staging) and the status of the publish. Possible status values are:

–        Completed Successfully

–        In Progress

–        Failed

400 Error returned in the form of a JSON object and a detailed message.
401 Unauthorized. This means the apiKey used does not have access to make these calls.
404 The specified publish ID was not found.
500 Unexpected error.


Sample response:


“status”: “Completed Successfully”,

“environment”: “Staging”



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